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Wang Sunandha Office of assets and income University Were honored at the meeting, Nika 1 Food cocktail "in some places down. Sunanta academic Academic experience, "the event was honored by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wichai Rue power caused University High School. The executives were Burapha University. Including the media focus a lot. The event can store live. 1. The third generation of the mini market were property office revenues. 2. demonstration cooking recipes like rice Baisripakcham court. 3. Demonstration of drawing (Drawing). 4. Learn how to relax bowler. I was watching my fresh faculty from many disciplines. On Thursday, August 18, 2559. 12.00. - 15.00. At the Palace Hotel Sunandha Office of assets and income University I'm at the event. Sunanta scholars' academic experience "on 24 - 27 August 2559 but started at 10:00 am - 22:00 pm at the university.